Full Service Live Chat for Lawyers

Client Chat Live Helps Attorneys and Law Firms Convert Clients

Client Chat Live is a powerful marketing tool for law firms of all sizes who are looking to convert their existing website visitors into qualified potential clients. You spent marketing dollars on creating a website, managing the content, and driving visitors to it. Now you can interact with those visitors in real time as they browse your website and capture vital contact information to keep in touch once they leave.

How Client Chat Live Works for the Visitor

Our live chat operators not only make your website interactive, but also provide the visitor with an environment in which they can share their legal concerns in a confidential matter and get answers to questions they may have on how to proceed.  Potential clients want to know that their lawyer will be responsive and attentive to their specific case and legal needs;  having a live chat operator available shows that you value customer service and make communication a priority. This personal attention and level of engagement is especially critical in the legal field.

How Client Chat Live Works for You

Once a visitor enters your website, a live chat operator will engage them in dialogue through an invitation to chat. If the visitor accepts the invitation, our operator will start a targeted conversation with the visitor about their needs and ask questions to discover more about the potential client and their legal situation.

When a visitor engages with a chat operator, you are able to capture their contact information, learn more about their legal needs and screen potential clients accordingly. The chat operator can also use this time to answer any questions the visitor may have regarding your services, locations or general information about your law firm or their particular legal matter.

At the conclusion of the chat, you will receive a detailed transcript of each conversation which will include the visitor’s name, contact information,  location, what page they were looking at when they engaged in the chat and how they were referred to your website. With this level of information not only can you convert visitors into clients but better tailor your marketing campaigns based off of the additional website information.

Our chat operators are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Turn your visitors into qualified clients and boost your lead potential by adding a chat to your site.

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