30 Cases in 90 Days

Working closely with one of our clients, we were able to determine that over a 90-day period their firm retained and signed 30 cases from leads received via Client Chat Live. These leads were a result of their focus on driving traffic to their website and having our live chat service available to their potential clients. Live chat has become an expectation for many demographics, as it provides them with the ability to reach out to a firm without picking up the phone or filling out a form.

The anticipated fees from these 30 clients should exceed $350,000 based on firm averages, but some of the clients had suffered more severe injuries and could potentially bring a higher total figure. If this law firm did not have Client Chat Live, it could have potentially lost the opportunity to contact and retain these 30 cases, missing out on much-needed revenue for the business.  The firm relied on Client Chat Live for live phone transfers of potential clients, text to chat, and even integration into its CRM, which allowed the practice to not only respond within seconds but also save time in the process.

Since 2008, Client Chat Live has focused on giving their customers the opportunity to interact and connect with potential clients visiting their websites. Some 38 percent of people use the internet to find an attorney, so it is imperative that you use all options available to obtain their contact information when visiting your site.  Live chat is a proactive and proven service used to supplement your existing digital marketing strategy and increase the likelihood of getting more clients from your website.

Client Chat Live has worked with over 400 law firms and has already delivered  more than 45,000 potential client leads in 2017.  With the option of flat rate pricing, you can also budget and plan your marketing expenses without surprises and cash flow fluctuations.  Contact Client Chat Live today to get a quote or request a demo.