Five Benefits of Adding Live Chat Software on Your Law Firm’s Website

There are seemingly countless ways for people to communicate online today. Whether it is by email, texting, instant messaging, or video chat, communicating with others is easier than ever. Our ability to stay connected 24/7 not only affects our personal relationships, but also in the way we do business.

In response, businesses have been offering more ways for prospective customers or clients to reach them. Yet, with so many communication channels available, it can be difficult for a company to identify which services will best serve their customers’ needs.

Early on, the only means of reaching businesses online were by phone, email, or contact forms. Sometimes, this can be inconvenient because response is not always immediate. This was largely solved with the introduction of live chat on websites. Today, it has become an essential element added to most business websites. One group of businesses that have found it incredibly effective is law firms.

Five Benefits of Adding Live Chat Software on Your Law Firms Website

So, why exactly is live chat so popular with law firms? Let us explore the five benefits of adding live chat software on your law firm’s website.

1. Preferred Support Channel

In general, most consumers prefer live chat as a means of contacting a business for support. Live chat is widely considered as less stressful and more expedient. Many people feel that they are understood better on live chat than by phone. Most likely, it is the software’s ability to screen share, send documents and switch to a voice call that help to make this possible.

2. Instant Connection

Despite its rising popularity, not all websites offer live chat. Thus, a website with a live chat agent can distinguish themselves from the competition. When you have an agent available to immediately assist visitors to your website, you are offering a faster response time than others who do not offer the same.

For attorneys, the ability to quickly make a connection and schedule a consultation is vital. Many prospective clients are understandably concerned about their legal matter and are looking for a professional who can help right away. Having live chat on your site allows for instant communication, and an effective way to get the person’s contact information or direct connection to the firm through click-to-call or text applications to instantly put them in touch with the right person at the firm.

3. Builds Trust

People have different preferences when it comes to reaching out for assistance. Therefore, when the business offers several contact options, it gives the impression that it is more responsive and available to them. This instills trust within the customer. When it comes to lawyers, trust is one of the key reasons clients will choose them over others.

Most people already find dealing with a legal matter to be challenging. So, when they are seeking help online, they are hoping to find someone who can address their problems as quickly and effectively as possible. A live chat agent can help build trust by asking about the person’s issue and getting them to open up about what they’re experiencing. The human element of chatting with a live person can ease the prospective client’s anxiety and help build trust.

4. Increased Conversions

Various studies have shown that websites utilizing live chat can increase conversions significantly. In online retail, customers buy more often when a live chat agent helps them. For law firms, a live chat agent is usually the first point of contact for a potential client.

When faced with a legal problem, people turn to the web to seek answers. Although there is plenty of information available to them, sifting through the endless articles and FAQs can be overwhelming.

So, if given a choice, most people will prefer to interact with a live chat agent to immediately discuss their story and explore the next steps. As a result, this quick response rate can help build rapport immediately and subsequently convert the initial inquiry into a client.

5. Low-cost and Scalable

A live chat agent can handle several conversations at the same time. This is unlike a phone-based customer service, which is limited to one conversation at a time. Thus, it is comparably more cost-effective. In addition, maintaining and scaling live chat is relatively quicker and easier. This ease of operation makes this method an easy choice for attorneys when deciding communication channels for their websites.

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