4 Must-Have Tools for Lawyers To Generate Leads

The growth and success of most law firms is largely determined by how well they market themselves. Growth is vital in the legal industry, as it is in other highly-competitive fields. If your firm is not continually adding new clients, you lose your ability to compete with others in your market. Understanding what marketing tools are available and how to use them is critical to success in the digital age. We have put together a list of four must-have tools for attorneys looking to generate leads.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is used at many law firms throughout the country. CRM software allows you to have a comprehensive database that collects and records interactions with clients. In addition to maintaining a repository of client contact information, CRMs can automate marketing tasks, simplify workflows, and analyze data. CRM tools are multi-dimensional business development tools focused on increasing business.

Marketing automation is one of the key services offered by CRM. Marketing automation refers to the use of technology to automate tasks and improve the effectiveness of online marketing, such as email, social media, websites, and content you post. Marketing automation saves time, reduces errors, increases audience engagement, and boosts the return on investment of your firm’s marketing efforts.

You can use CRM to track potential leads from site traffic and social media views. Newsletters are a good way to keep in touch with clients, and CRM software typically offers templates and customizable layouts. Many offer the ability to A/B test different text so you can home in on the most effective pitch. This gives you a way to test your efforts in real-time and continually tweak them for the best results.


PPC (pay-per-click) ads are one of the most prevalent forms of digital marketing. With PPC ads, you pay to have an ad for your firm show up in search results and on websites. You are charged when someone clicks on the ad to go to your landing page. A major reason why PPC is an effective marketing tool for lawyers is that it provides them with qualified traffic. It’s an efficient way to hit your target audience for your particular legal service. PPC advertising generally brings in quality leads. It can be costly, though, as a single click often costs $2 or more.

Social Media

People use social media not only to connect with their friends and family but also to view content and engage with brands. Social media is a way to engage prospective clients. When used intentionally and well, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can generate leads for your law firm.

It’s important to keep in mind that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are designed for relationship building. If you are just posting ads all the time, you will not build a following. The vast majority of your content should be useful, educational, and entertaining. Trust is built through creating a brand and marketing that brand via social media. You can rack up leads by interacting with people on social media. Social media is also a good place to solicit testimonials. You can allow visitors to recommend your firm on the site or send a direct message specifically asking for a testimonial.

You could use social media to provide prospective clients with informative content, answer their questions, address their concerns, and more. One of the reasons social media has been effective for attracting clients is that it helps you showcase your skills and knowledge. Sharing information via social media will help you prove your credibility and gain the trust of your audience.


Video is another way to engage with prospective clients in a meaningful way. You can post videos that discuss cases in the news, answer legal questions, and share information about your firm. This can all build your credibility and trust with current and prospective clients.

Video helps inject personality into your website. Attention spans are getting shorter, and many people would rather watch a video than read. In addition to boosting engagement, videos can lead to differentiation. Video helps you stand out from your competitors and articulate your message directly to prospective clients. A well-done video will boost your brand and drive more leads by appealing to the prospective clients’ desire for the information you’re sharing, as well as presenting your firm as approachable and well-qualified.

Video can help you improve SEO (search engine optimization) and search rankings, boost engagement with your target audience, and persuade prospective clients that you are the right lawyer for the job. If you include a compelling video with a social media post, people will be more likely to share it. Video marketing is cost-effective because your smartphone is capable of filming high-quality video. You can tell viewers all about your firm and build rapport with them in less than a minute.

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