How to Find Where Your Clients are Coming From?


If your law firm is engaged in online marketing, it is important to utilize conversion tracking to measure the success of your efforts. Without a way to evaluate performance, your firm might end up spending time and money on marketing campaigns that don’t bring in clients. With conversion tracking, you can easily determine what ads, landing pages, content, or calls to action result in more potential clients for your firm.

Conversion tracking can easily be set up through a free third-party software, such as Google Analytics. You can customize your conversion goals to track what actions are most important to your business. For instance, you could set up conversion tracking to measure how many contact forms, phone calls, or chats your website initiated. By tracking conversions, you can determine which of your marketing efforts are leading visitors to take the actions most important to your business.

If you advertise with a platform such as Google Adwords, conversion tracking can help you measure which of your campaigns brings the best ROI for your firm. For example, one ad might get a lot of clicks, but if none of those visitors convert then you are just running up costs for your business. On the other hand, if you have an ad with a high conversion rate, you could consider increasing the budget for this campaign to bring in additional clients while scaling back on campaigns that aren’t moving the needle. Without conversion tracking in Adwords, determining which of your ads or campaigns is driving real customers can be a shot in the dark.

Conversion tracking can also be useful in helping you understand where your website visitors came from. For instance, if you track contact us form fills, you can set up your forms to indicate what page the client came from before contacting your firm. This can be useful in helping you understand what content and pages of your website bring in potential customers.

Call tracking can also be another valuable tool for evaluating marketing performance. You can also use third party call tracking tools, such as CallRail, to monitor your website phone calls and track them back to the originating source. For example, you can see if that phone call to your law firm originated from a PPC ad, organic search, a referral, or was a direct visit.

Client Chat Live designed our chat software with conversion tracking in mind. In addition to helping you connect with website visitors, you can also gain valuable data about them. For instance, when someone initiates a chat, you can see what page of your website they were on when they decided to do so. This can help you understand which pages of your site are driving business. We also provide referrer information for each chat. This can help you understand if the potential client came from an online paid ad or which website referred them. This can help you gain a comprehensive look at your potential clients and the path they took before converting on your site.

Conversion tracking is an invaluable tool many business might think to overlook. However, tracking your conversions can help you get a better understanding of what marketing efforts are bringing in actual clients to your firm. This can allow you to spend marketing dollars where they work best and get the best ROI for your law firm.