How It Works

Client Chat Live™ turns website visitors into clients with Live Chat.

Statistics show only a very small percentage of website visitors actually contact that business. A Live Chat feature on your website changes all of that!

When a visitor comes to your website, a Client Chat Live operator will proactively invite them to a personal chat. Once the invitation is accepted, our Live Chat Operator will engage them in a targeted, customized conversation. The goal is to gather contact information, address their questions, and determine the reason they have visited your site.

Immediately after the chat, our operator will send you a full transcript of the conversation, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to turn visitors into potential clients.

If you are successful at driving traffic to your site, we can help turn those visitors into clients. Client Chat Live™ provides professional operators ready to live chat with your website visitors, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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