Use a Video Call to Action to Get More Potential Clients

Anyone who is involved in marketing their services or products to website visitors will be familiar with the necessity for a call to action (CTA). Presenting your potential clients with content on your website, mailing lists, or social media channels is not just about giving away information. The primary purpose is to convert browsers or readers into clients by including an irresistible CTA that will make them want to take the next step

Most people use written CTAs across their channels, however, it is becoming more effective and compelling to include CTAs in video form.

What Is a Video Call to Action?

A video call to action is a video or a section of a video that is designed to engage viewers in an active way by directing them to take a specific desired action. Common video CTAs ask the viewer to subscribe to their channel, comment on their video, or include a button that allows the person watching to click through to a specific area of the firm’s website where they can fill out a form.

According to research from Vidyard, video CTAs can help to make it much more likely to get potential clients to follow through on the desired action by making the action smoother, easier, and more obvious.

Client Chat Live’s Video Welcome

Until recently, Client Chat Live has used a static image with text for our Live Chat calls to action.

We now have a new feature called Video Welcome, for which we use a video in our Live Chat CTA. This makes for a far more dynamic and engaging client experience.

In our Video Welcome, a person directs the viewer to begin a live chat or SMS chat if they have any questions or want to know more information about your firm’s services. Having a real person who instructs your potential clients to reach out in this way brings this CTA to life in a much more powerful way than just a static picture with some text can do.

The Value of Video

Video is a powerful way of converting traffic into potential clients. Marketers agree that, among other things:

  • Video offers a good return on investment
  • Video improves lead generation
  • Video increases website traffic
  • Video directly helps increase sales
  • Video helps achieve a greater-than-average return customer rate

In fact, according to more than 70% of marketers, video generates more conversions than any other type of content.

Why Video Is So Powerful

For marketing purposes, there is simply no contest between the written word and a video. One reason for this is that our eyes are naturally attracted to movement, so having a video CTA will automatically capture people’s attention. In fact, people are much more likely to click on a video ad than on a static banner ad.

But videos are not only great at getting people’s attention in the first place, but they are also really good at keeping people interested. They make people want to engage. This is why they get 1,200% more shares than images and texts combined.

Furthermore, the human brain can process the information in videos extremely quickly when compared to text. In part, this is because videos are a multi-sensory experience. This allows your mind to combine what it sees and hears into a more cohesive message all at once, rather than piecing together various bits of information from reading a piece of text. Making information easier to comprehend will increase your chances that viewers will engage with the information long enough to turn into clients.

Finally, videos are memorable. We have probably all had the experience of reading an entire page of a book and realizing that our brain has retained none of it. This is simply far less likely to happen with videos. While a person might only remember 10% of the message of a piece of text they have read, viewers tend to retain about 95% of the message from a video. Equally impressive is the fact that about 80% of people remember a video they have seen in the past month.

Turning Visitors into Clients

The statistics speak for themselves. Video is a powerful tool that can optimize your firm’s lead generation, website traffic, and return client rate. Employing Client Chat Live’s Video Welcome will help you achieve all of these results in a way that is fully integrated into your potential clients’ Live Chat experience.

Reach out to us online or call us at (808) 495-0231 so we can talk about how we can put video CTAs to work for you.