How to Find a Google Ads Specialist for Law Firms

While having a well-crafted SEO strategy is important, Google Ads are a powerful and effective way to promote your law firm outside of organic search results, which can help you connect with a broader audience. In addition, Google Ads allow you to target specific audiences, so your message reaches the right clients.

Google Ads work off a pay-per-click model, meaning that you pay for every time someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads are low risk, high return, and a great marketing option for any business, including law firms, because it puts your ad directly in front of potential clients.

Google Ads can be a very effective marketing tool, but it takes skill, experience, and time to design and implement an effective Google Ads campaign. So, if you’ve decided to hire a Google Ads specialist for your firm, here are some tips and tricks for finding a specialist with the right tools for the trade.

Figure Out What You Want

Is your firm looking for a full-time operator, a freelancer, or an agency with an army of Ads experts?

A full-time employee running your Ads campaigns sounds good in theory, but may be more than you actually need. In terms of expense, this will likely be the middle of the road option: you’ll have to go through the interview and hiring process, pay a comparable salary and benefits, and have a marketing plan that requires someone full time, but it may cost less than hiring an agency.

If it’s not in the budget or you don’t have the workload for a new full-timer, consider using a freelancer for your Ads work. This would be the lowest-cost option, as it has little to no backend costs, and if you seek them out and hire them yourself, you’re only paying for the service you’re using.

However, freelance workers can be less reliable as they may have other commitments as well, and if you hire them through a site like Upwork or PeoplePerHour, you’ll be paying a premium for the finder’s fee. You also may go through a few of them before you find one that works well with your firm.

An agency may be the highest cost option, but you usually get what you pay for. An agency has the benefit of offering multiple points of view because they will have a team of professionals working on your marketing campaign. They also may have more advanced metrics and KPIs than an individual might have, and may offer flexible pricing models as opposed to the hourly rate you’ll pay for an employee or freelancer.

Do Your Due Diligence

Before you hire or sign with anyone, do your research. If you’re considering hiring an individual employee or freelancer, get references and follow up on them. Make sure this person can do what they say they can, has done it before, and can show the results of previous work.

Ideally, your candidate has relevant experience not just in Ads, but in your firm’s particular purview as well. For instance, a personal injury attorney would want an Ads specialist that is familiar with personal injury law and how the claims process works and should probably avoid hiring a specialist that has only worked with massage therapists in the past.

For individuals and freelancers, you’ll also want to make sure they have a Google Ads certification. This group of certificates ensures that they’ve gotten training on the correct use of the technology from the source. There are several different types of certificates in Ads available from Google, including Video, Search, Display, and Measurement. Each one covers a different aspect of using Ads for businesses.

For agencies, they should be certified as a Google Partner. Earning this certification is usually out of reach for individuals as it requires maintaining a minimum spend on Ads every month, though some higher echelon freelancers can obtain it. For an agency specializing in providing this service, however, it is a must-have.


Demand Results

Whether you go with an employee, freelancer, or agency, be clear with them about the results you’d like to achieve and how you’re going to measure success. As with any marketing plan, there will be unknowns, but any experienced Ads specialist should be able to provide quantifiable, hard metrics to show progress toward your firm’s goals.

Using an Ads specialist for your firm can help take your marketing to the next level, just make sure you all agree on where that level is and the best way to get there.

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