How to Find Personal Injury Clients

Today’s legal landscape is filled with many choices for potential clients to choose from when it comes to hiring an attorney. The amount of personal injury attorneys available in one area can be overwhelming, and it is important to stay relevant and visible when it comes to finding personal injury clients. Many attorneys are marketing and advertising, however, not all of their efforts are effective or successful.  Every day people are injured, and most of them are seeking a personal injury attorney who can assist them in their case against the negligent person or company at fault. If you can be easily located online, capitalize on lead sources, and more effectively tap into resources you already have, you will be more likely to find personal injury clients and build your law firm business.

Use Campaigns to Drive Traffic to Your Website

More and more people are turning to the online space to research and find personal injury attorneys. Word of mouth referrals are still incredibly powerful, however, the days of leafing through the phonebook are no longer. Personal injury attorneys carry some of the highest marketing budgets in the legal industry, and your competitors are amongst them. If you do not have visibility in the online space, you are most likely losing business to your competition. There is a lot of prime real estate available, and you can only benefit from claiming and optimizing some of it. It is important to not only be visible and remain front of mind, but also to optimize the campaigns you are launching. Targeting your audience, being creative with your ads and using memorable contact information will only serve to help you find personal injury clients.

Contact Leads While They Are “Hot”

If you have established online campaigns, whether through social media, paid ads, or blogging, you are ultimately driving traffic back to your website. Once visitors are on your website, it is key to ensure they take some form of action. Ideally they would contact your firm via phone or email, however providing an online Live Chat platform can also be very effective. Potential clients that are on your site are already showing promise as a “hot” lead.  It is very important to connect with them during this time before they “cool” down or move on to another firm’s website. Having a Live Chat option on your website allows you to instantly communicate with potential clients who may have questions or wish to schedule an appointment. Individuals appreciate instant gratification nowadays and Live Chat offers a valuable way to satisfy that need.

Nurture Your Referral Network

Many personal injury attorneys are well connected in their community and some could serve to connect more. Tapping into your networks and community can create an abundance of referral potential. Whether you know doctors or physical therapists or your children’s sports coaches, or you’re apart of an association – more connections and conversations are always beneficial when it comes to creating a referral network. As previously stated, the power of word of mouth is very strong and is not something to neglect. It is equally important to be a referral source as well so you are also appreciated. Providing a valuable service to your current clients, and creating a reputation within your community can create a strong referral network to help you find personal injury clients.