How to Get Personal Injury Cases

It may go without saying that most personal injury attorney’s goals are focused on creating more revenue. In general, this is most feasibly achieved by obtaining a higher volume of personal injury cases. If you have built a solid business model centered around providing a valuable service and offering representation that clients are satisfied with, you are already well on your way to your practice self-generating new clients through your client referral network. However, this is not always reliable, or you may wish to boost your current book of business. If you are looking to get more personal injury cases, there are a few key things you can do to help improve your visibility and obtain more clients without breaking your budget.  Keep reading to learn more!

Speak at Events

Advertising is a great way to market your firm however, not all firms have thousands of dollars to pour into an advertising budget on a monthly basis.  If that is the case, your community probably offers a variety of engagements or events where you could volunteer to speak.  Personal Injury law touches on so many individuals’ lives and is relevant in many different arenas; therefore it shouldn’t be hard to find a few associations or boards that will allow you to speak. Educating individuals on what you do, any changes in the laws or services and value you provide are a great way to build your visibility in the community. A face-to-face interaction provides a sense of credibility to attendees and will bode well for you in the future when they are in need of a personal injury attorney. Remaining front of mind to people is key, and participating in speaking at events is a great step towards achieving that.

Highlight Your Strengths

Potential clients want to know what makes you different from the other attorneys they have been referred to, or the other websites they have viewed. Each potential client is looking to find an attorney who will meet them where they are and serve in their best interest. Whether you speak another language, cater to or specifically focus in representing men or women, or focus on a certain type of injury or defective product, people will appreciate knowing what you do best, and why. Tell them how your strengths can work in their favor and what benefit your skills will provide them. Put yourself in their shoes when writing content on your website or creating marketing campaigns, and provide them with insight that is encouraging to them. Being the best at one particular thing or creating a name for yourself for certain reasons will help you develop a reputation, which facilitates and leads to more personal injury cases.

Train Your Staff

A personal injury attorney could have the best marketing and advertising campaigns in their area, and still lose business due to their staff. Whether you have assistants answering the phones, paralegals conducting initial consultations or representatives manning your online Live Chat system, they must all be properly trained and know how to respond effectively to their duties. It is vital that all staff is on the same page regarding the firm’s business model, the firm’s approach to case intake and management, and general communication management.