Is SMS or Email Better for Generating Online Reviews?

When you’re shopping online, odds are that you read online product and service reviews before you commit. These reviews are a key part of the shopping experience. If there are no reviews for a service, you may be less likely to go ahead with a purchase. It’s no different when people are choosing a lawyer.

It’s important to understand that email and SMS are different tools with different purposes. If you’re working to generate online reviews for your firm, you may be using one of these technologies to ask for reviews. But you may need to incorporate both and bring in other technologies to effectively generate online reviews.

Email and SMS Have Different Uses

Although email may seem slower and less effective than SMS in reaching clients, you should know that the number of email users continues to grow year after year. Many people use email on the go, at the gym, at school, at work, at home, and at many other places. For many folks, email is their favorite way to communicate, and it’s a great medium for in-depth and personalized communications.

But email does have its disadvantages. Engagement can be low, and when people get an email, they may defer action or forget to act altogether. People often don’t have time to respond to an email, meaning they may not help with your request.

Unlike emails, SMS messages are brief communications, or texts, that you can use for fast and direct requests. SMS is a quick and highly engaging way to get people’s attention. It pops up, provides key information, and gives users a quick way to act. Unlike email, SMS has an extremely high opening rate, and it takes almost no time for people to get back to you.

These two mediums have very different purposes and uses that are changing all the time. If you want to generate online reviews, it’s important to understand the different roles these technologies play and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Engage With Your Clients On Their Terms

One of the most important factors when communicating with clients is to meet them where they are. That means using communication technologies that they’re comfortable with. Email appeals to some users, but in general, more people are willing to engage with SMS on the go. By providing a quick and easy path for clients to provide reviews, you’re helping them provide the feedback you need, and you’re helping your business move forward.

Easily Generate More Reviews

Do you need to generate more online reviews for your business? By combining tools such as live chat and text messages, Client Chat Live can help you generate the reviews you need. Our system is hassle-free for clients and helps take them from communication to finished review. To learn more, contact us today. Call us at (808) 495-0231, contact us online, or chat with us on our website now.