4 Tips for Marketing Your Law Firm with Videos on Social Media

You’ve likely heard about the success of social media marketing in a broad range of industries from fashion to finance. You’ve probably also heard that social media users respond best to images and the quickest way to grab attention on social media is through pictures and videos. So can law firms post videos on social media sites in order to gain new clients?

Here are some considerations to help the videos you post to your social media accounts get seen and attract the right visitors to your website so you can get more clients.

Determine the Right Social Media Outlet

The initial question most marketing teams face is which outlet is best, so that depends on the law firm. What are the law firm’s practice areas and who are their target clients? Profiles of the firm’s ideal client persona will provide the answer. Family and bankruptcy lawyers may find clients looking for their services on Facebook. Business and Intellectual Property law firms, on the other hand, might get more attention traction in outlets like Instagram and Twitter. Law firms of all specialties may find opportunities to market their services on a professional-oriented social media interface such as LinkedIn.

Are your Videos Memorable or Just Informative?

Your firm doesn’t need videos to go viral, but you’ll need memorable videos to stand out to your target clients. The most attention-grabbing marketing videos either inform or amuse. People expect law firm videos to be serious, but you might get more attention if you can find a way to educate potential clients with a video that also includes an element of humor. Internet attention spans are short, and many people access the internet on their smartphones which means they have limited bandwidth. Long and overly scripted videos are likely to get ignored, so it is important to keep your videos short and interesting. Consider breaking up information into a series of videos with a unified theme to build name recognition for your firm. The goal is to put a human face to your firm, so if your firm can come across as genuine, relatable and helpful on video, you are more likely to attract attention on social media.  Above all else, focus on producing high quality content versus more low-end productions.

Use SEO techniques to Boost Effectiveness

Unlike text, you can’t use keywords strategically in marketing videos to boost your website ranking. But there are still some ways you can use SEO techniques to make sure that your videos get seen. For example, giving your videos descriptive titles and using accurate keywords can help them show up in search results. You can also use short, but informative posts on social media to summarize your video content and invite viewers to learn more by clicking on your videos. Consider also having your videos transcribed so that they can show up in text searches. You can also encourage people to share your videos by adding fun features such as links to surveys or to a free offer on your website.

Experiment and Analyze

It will take experimentation to find the outlet with the best return on investment for your firm. Your goal is to get more clients and to do that, you need to drive more traffic to your firm’s website. By analyzing the response to several different videos, you can determine which videos get more engagement and which ones should be put on the shelf.  Over time you will be able to determine what types of new videos to produce and the best place to put them for the greatest return on investment.