3 Reasons Your Firm Should Embrace Technology to Track Performance

The legal industry and other professional services are often slow to implement and utilize technology for their businesses. While resistance to change and a desire to maintain the status quo is understandable, utilizing technology can give you a leg up on your competition. Putting software (such as CRMs or Google Analytics) to work for your firm will help you gain key insights and make more informed business decisions.

3 Key Benefits of Technology:

1. Reliability and Consistency of Information

Access to hard data can help you make informed and objective decisions based on facts rather than gut feel. Technology allows you to separate judgement and analyze your data in a more black and white way. Access to this “real-time” data has become an expectation for today’s firms as opposed to a “nice to have”.

Additionally, technology makes your law firm less susceptible to human error by reducing or eliminating your dependence on people to enter data manually. With technology that works 24/7 you don’t have to worry about delays or “days off”.

2. Capability of Processing Data: Size and Speed

Rather than sifting through data manually, technology can do the heavy lifting for your firm. For example, you could easily calculate your cost per case by linking your case management software with your Google Adwords account. Software can be the middleman in this scenario that talks to both systems and avoids the need for manual work on your end. Thanks to the quick data processing abilities of modern technology, you can quickly see what is working for your firm and make valuable business decisions without pouring over spreadsheets.

Can you quickly pull a report or list of all potential clients from the last 2 years? If so, is it stuck in an on-site server like Needles or buried in 5 Excel files on someone’s desktop? Having the right software will not only help you pull information like this in seconds but also allows you to sort and filter the information you want without delay.

3. Visibility of Data and Metrics

Collecting data and running calculations are two big pieces to the puzzle. However, if you are unable to display data in a way that allows you to properly analyze it, your software isn’t providing optimal value. Avoid overly technical and robust software solutions that exceed the needs of your firm unless your team can properly navigate them. For data to work for your law firm, it needs to be easily understandable and digestible.

For example, SalesForce is a great tool for many companies around the world, but does your law firm need all those bells and whistles? Don’t be fooled by shiny objects and graphs that don’t really help your firm or your bottom line. We recommend looking for software found within your industry. Captorra is an example of an intake software focused on the legal industry and offers great features relevant to a law firm’s needs.

Put Technology To Use For Your Firm Today

Technology and software can provide many benefits to your law firm. From offering reliable and objective data, to quick information processing, and displaying the data that can drive business decisions. Get ahead of the curve and your competitors by putting data to work for you today.

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