Add Text to Chat for Your Law Firm

SMS Chat Functionality Now Available from Client Chat Live

Text messaging is a fast-growing means of communication. According to CNN, one-third of Americans prefer texting over making voice calls, and the Chicago Tribune says that we spend an average of 26 minutes per day texting compared to just 6 minutes on voice calls. The growing trend in texting behavior means your law firm has a new opportunity for connecting with potential clients.

How our Text to Chat Works:

1. A potential client clicks the Text Us button on your law firm’s website and this opens their Text Messaging app in their phone.
2. When they send a message, that message is sent to our software and connected to one of our chat operators
3. Our team will collect the basic information of their case and record their contact information just like in a normal web chat
4. We immediately email or text your firm so you can follow up and do what you do best… sign up clients!

Google Ads Extension Capability

In addition to added convenience for your potential clients, the ability for your law firm to respond to leads and business inquiries via chat is now supported by Google Ads. Recently, Google released a Click-to-Text messaging extension for paid ads. This means interested clients can text your firm for more information directly from a Google ad. By using this technology, you can get a step ahead of your competitors and receive more opportunities for leads!

To get a free Text to Chat quote email or to learn more, call 808-495-0231 today.  If you are already a client, there is no additional fee for adding our Text to Chat service as you only pay based on new qualified leads produced through SMS.