Tips for Lawyers: Building Online Trust with Your Clients

One significant challenge facing lawyers in the digital age is how to build trust with clients when their first interactions with them are likely to be online. Online interactions are inherently less personal than in-person conversations or phone calls, and it can be difficult to forge a connection with a client when you haven’t spoken to them directly yet.

With these challenges in mind, what can you do to build trust with clients when they visit your website? At Client Chat Live, we have the experience and expertise to bring new clients to your firm and help you bridge that trust gap. We’ve learned a lot about building trust online, and we’d like to offer you a few tips that you can use at your firm to create a welcoming, trusting online environment for your clients.

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Tip #1 – Make It Easy for Current or Potential Clients to Reach You

With the possible exception of estate planning firms, people rarely call an attorney when things are going well. When someone contacts a lawyer’s office, chances are they really need a lawyer, and they need one right away.

Whether someone tries to contact your firm through your website, via email, or over the phone, make it easy for them to reach you and be sure to respond quickly. If you are unable to speak with a client the moment they try to contact you, be sure to get in touch at the earliest possible opportunity.

Offering multiple contact points and having someone monitor these systems at all times makes it simple for clients to talk to you, and they’ll appreciate your efforts. Furthermore, if you take too long to respond to a potential new client, chances are they’ll just contact another firm, and that means you’ve lost their business.

Tip #2 – Don’t Exaggerate…Stick to the Facts

Fighting for new clients can be a ruthless battle, depending on where your firm is located, and it can be tempting to exaggerate certain aspects of your firm or your track record to make yourself look better. If you feel this temptation, ignore it. The internet has made it easier than ever for amateur internet sleuths to figure out when someone isn’t telling the complete truth, and getting caught exaggerating or distorting the facts could damage your firm’s credibility. When writing about your firm and your accomplishments online, always err on the side of being overly cautious with what you say.

Tip #3 – Showcase Your Awards and Credentials

Unless a potential client already has some experience with the legal system, chances are they don’t know what separates a bad lawyer from a good one. This means they’ll use whatever information they can find about your firm to make their assessment, and you want to create as strong an impression as possible.

One way you can help separate yourself from your competitors is to highlight any awards you’ve received or professional credentials you have. If possible, focus on honors you’ve received from organizations your potential clients have heard of and recognize.

Awards from consumer groups or widely known organizations like U.S. News & World Report or the Better Business Bureau go a long way to helping clients feel confident in your firm’s capabilities. Awards from legal organizations can also help showcase your qualifications or your firm’s track record.


Tip #4 – Make Sure All Information on Your Website Is Accurate

Trust is a delicate thing in any client-based relationship, and even accidental errors can irreparably damage the bond you’ve carefully cultivated. Make sure everything about your firm that you put on your website is truthful.

More importantly, if you provide any educational materials online about the cases your firm handles, double-check everything before you publish it. If your website says one thing and then you tell a potential client another thing when they meet you in-person, they won’t know what to believe, and you’re likely to lose the client. Similarly, be sure pages are updated regularly to make sure the information you provide is accurate and up-to-date.

Tip #5 – Manage Your Online Reviews

The first piece of information potential clients are likely to see about your firm is your reviews on Google or another platform. These reviews are crucial to maintaining your reputation, as a 2017 survey showed 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. If you have poor reviews, they may not even make it to your website before dismissing your firm. Keep an eye on your reviews, and don’t be afraid to (gently) ask satisfied clients to leave you some positive feedback.

Tip #6 – Provide Regular Updates to Clients Once You’ve Signed Them

Once you’ve signed a new client, a key way to continue to develop trust is to keep them up-to-date as their case is progressing. You can use online tools like email or a portal on your website to provide clients with regular updates. Even if nothing significant has happened in a while, keeping your clients in the loop will help make them feel like they matter to you and they can trust you.

Client Chat Live Can Help You Build and Maintain Trust With Your Clients

A robust online presence and the ability to talk with clients at any time are two key ways your firm can build trust with both new and existing clients. Client Chat Live can help your firm in both regards. With our live chat software and other services, we can help guide potential new clients to your firm while also helping you keep in touch with clients you’ve already signed. To learn more, contact our team by calling (808) 495-0231 or visiting our contact page.