Your Potential Clients Want to Text You: Are You Available for Them?

Given how so much of the interactions in our culture have moved to digital spaces, it’s no wonder that many potential clients prefer to text or chat with law firms before hiring them. The data backs the theory up; according to industry experts, more than half of customers prefer to text or chat with someone rather than call them for support. Furthermore, 82 percent of customers report being satisfied with their live chat interactions, compared to 61 percent for sending an email, or 44 percent for making a phone call.

Is your firm set up to handle text or live chat requests? If not, Client Chat Live can help. Learn more about our services for law firms by calling (808) 495-0231, emailing, visiting our contact page, or clicking on the chat box in your browser.

Is Your Firm Prepared to Text With Clients?

While clients prefer texting and live chat because of its immediacy and conversational nature, implementing these services isn’t as easy as it might sound.

First off, clients expect a quick response when texting or using live chat. If they send you a text or a chat request and you take too long to get back to them, they’re long gone. You need to have dedicated personnel ready to handle text or chat requests at any time, or a service that can provide that support for you.

Second, it’s important to watch your tone and the content of your messages. Conversational is good, but you want to be professional as well. It may be tempting to use abbreviations, emojis, texting lingo, and other informal practices, but doing so could make you look too casual.

Third, every message should be customized. Customers like personalized interactions, and while they like live chat, AI-driven chatbots remain deeply unpopular. If you give the customers the impression that they’re speaking with a chatbot, they’re likely to bolt.

How Client Chat Live Helps

At Client Chat Live, turning website visitors into paying clients through our chat service is what we do. Our team of professional chat operators is available 24/7/365, enabling us to quickly respond to any chat request no matter what time of day. Furthermore, if you’re located in an area with a large Spanish-speaking population, we have operators that speak Spanish, expanding your potential audience base.

Additionally, you can customize your service with personalized scripts and custom branding. Our system also automatically integrates with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) platform as well as Google Analytics. We can transfer chat clients directly to your office in seconds, and we’ll provide monthly performance reports with detailed analytics breakdowns.

Ready to harness the power of live chat for your law firm? Call us today at (808) 495-0231, visit our contact page, or click on the chat box in your browser.