Top 7 Marketing Mistakes Lawyers Make

Some law firms are great marketers, while others make some very serious mistakes. Here is our list of the top seven mistakes we see law firms make:

Not Tracking Where Their Clients Come From

Many law firms spend thousands of dollars on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), TV advertisements, and Pay Per Click marketing, but they never ask potential clients how they heard about their firm. Even firms that ask the right questions often do not keep track of the data in an easily digestible way. Every firm should use some sort of tracking system, even if it is as simple as a word document.

Focusing on Prestige Over Profits

Too many lawyers buy vanity advertising that help inflate their ego but do little to help the bottom line. Billboards and magazine ads are a great example of way lawyers let their egos get in the way of smart business decisions. You should always get statistics and keep track of your Return on Investment (ROI) on every investment you make to see if it actually gets your firm more clients.

Poorly Written Content on Their Websites

How many times have you visited on a website that looks gorgeous, ranks well, but the content is confusing, subpar, or even incorrect? Unfortunately, many law firms make this mistake. Visitors will not become clients if what they read or see does not make sense, or even worse is legally incorrect. Make sure you have well-written content on your website, preferably written by an attorney or someone with a legal background.

Not Having a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Many law firms do not put enough time into figuring out how they are uniquely situated to help their ideal client. You should always ask what makes your firm stand out and how are you different than your competitors.

Having a Complicated Website Design

Many law firms have overly complicated websites that make it difficult for the user to quickly find what they are looking for or worse yet hard to contact the firm. Most of the time less is more when it comes to website design. While complicated websites may look cool they usually do not convert well.

Not Focusing on Client Needs

Often times websites do not focus on what their potential clients actually need. The website should be designed around the client or potential client needs. What questions do they want to have answered? Unfortunately, too many lawyer’s websites do not have much in the way of useful information for potential clients.

Not Worrying About Converting Visitors

A lot of firms that are on page one spend thousands of dollars attracting new visitors. They may get hundreds, or even thousands of visitors a month. However, many of these sites however will have very few actual conversions (AKA potential Clients). There are many ways to increase your number of potential clients but adding live chat is one of the most effective.