Client Chat Live Partners with HireMeLegal


Live Chat service provider for law firms improves capability for their clients to help people find the legal help they are seeking by providing greater access to top legal talent on the HireMeLegal platform.

[Austin, Texas]: Client Chat Live ( today announced a new partnership with HireMeLegal ( This partnership will give the law firms and legal professionals that utilize the service of Client Chat Live an easier and more effective method of providing referral options to individuals whose case may not directly meet their case criteria. Law firms regularly receive inquiries and requests for legal assistance but are unable to take on a case due to geographic or practice area restrictions. Many of these law firms will refer an individual to a local bar association or possibly refrain from providing any options at all. This can often result in the potential client feeling like they received little to no help and possibly drive them to leave negative reviews online. Client Chat Live will make it so with just a few clicks their customers can now direct these individuals to the platform of HireMeLegal, where they will have access to hundreds of competent and capable attorneys in their geographic area.            

“We are grateful to the team at HireMeLegal, because for years we’ve seen our customers search for options to give to people who need legal assistance in another practice or geographic area. The firms want to help, but they have not had many options outside of local bar associations or time-consuming directories where every lawyer is a 10 out of 10,” says Jon Cumberworth, CEO at Client Chat Live. “We want to support the success of the professionals we serve, and we are excited to give them more tools that allow them to have a greater impact with people that reach out to them for help.”

“We are so excited to partner with Client Chat Live” says Bill Voss CEO at HireMeLegal. “When law firms are forced to turn good clients away just because their case is not a good fit for the firm, everybody loses. With this new partnership we can close that gap. It’s a win-win for attorneys and clients.”

Benefits of this partnership include:

People seeking legal assistance can be given a great alternative to time-consuming directories through access to top law firms with one single outreach.

All legal customers of Client Chat Live will be automatically set up with a free account with a HireMeLegal, leading to increased exposure and potential for new cases.

Busy law firms will save time and resources while still assisting those in need. This can avoid negative reviews or may lead to more 5-star reviews.

About Client Chat Live: Having worked with over 600 law firms and legal businesses since 2008, they are experienced and specialized in helping law firms get more clients from their websites. Client Chat Live started with the goal of helping lawyers increase the potential that their website visitors will contact them, producing more opportunities to get clients. They partner and work closely with other businesses in the legal industry including marketing agencies, intake software, case management providers, and legal associations to stay on top of trends and add the most value possible for their clients.

About HireMeLegal: is an interactive platform built to connect attorneys with clients in need. Attorneys build out their profile for free on HireMeLegal, and potential clients post their case details with no obligation. Their technology alerts attorneys as new cases come in that fit their specified intake requirements. Attorneys spend less money on unhelpful PPC campaigns and less time sifting through irrelevant cases. Clients sit back and review attorneys before ultimately choosing the right person for their specific legal need. HireMeLegal is dedicated to streamlining the processes of connecting good cases with great attorneys and ensuring everyone gets the help they deserve.