You Took 20 Minutes to Contact a New Potential Client? They’re Gone

When it comes to finding new leads for your law firm, you need to take advantage of every possible opportunity. That makes any in-bound leads especially important; if someone has taken the time to call you, fill out a web form, or use your live chat service, you already know that they’re interested in your service.

Signing these potential clients should be easy, right? Only if you get back to them quickly. If you’re too slow, they’ve likely contacted another law firm, and you may have lost a new client. If that happens too often, you could find yourself in serious financial trouble.

Client Chat Live can help you connect with your potential customers quickly, turning more inquiries into paying clients. To learn more about our live chat capabilities or other services, call us at (808) 495-0231, stop by our contact page, or click on the chat box in your browser.

Your Potential Clients Feel the Need for Speed

For customers, one of the most appealing factors about texting and live chat services is the immediacy they offer. The ability to get a response in seconds or minutes is much more appealing when it could take hours, days, or even longer if they choose to make a phone call or send an email. According to industry experts, more than half of customers prefer to use texting or a chat service than to call a company for sales or support. People also seem happier with live chat services than other forms of digital communication; live chat services have a customer satisfaction rating of 82 percent, compared to 61 percent for email or 44 percent for phone calls.

The potential issue for your business is that not only do customers enjoy the speedy resolutions that come with live chat, they expect it. If you don’t respond to them quickly, they’ll just as soon move on to the next firm down on their search engine results. That means responding within minutes at a minimum – you have a window of about 5 minutes before customers move on – and within seconds, if at all possible. That means having a team of chat professionals ready to handle any inquiry at a moment’s notice.

Is Your Firm Fully Prepared for Live Chat Services?

Do you have the staff and resources to dedicate to a full-time, 24/7 live chat service? If you can’t respond quickly to all incoming inquiries, you may need outside help.Client Chat Live provides 24/7/365 support for law firms, along with customizable scripts, personal branding opportunities, integration with your company’s existing CRM software and Google Analytics, and regular performance reports.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your firm grow, call us today at (808) 495-0231, visit our contact page, or click on the chat box in your browser.