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Is a live chat service for lawyers better than just the software?

Cases are the lifeblood of any law firm, and acquiring cases require lead generation. To generate those leads in today’s fast-paced, decentralized marketplace, firms need to provide potential clients as many avenues of communication as possible. The days of hanging out a shingle are long gone; it’s no longer enough to put up billboards, run […]

Google Reviews and Search Rankings

Do Google Reviews Improve Your Search Rankings?  While there may be confusing information out there on the web from search engine optimization (SEO) “experts” on whether reviews on Google will improve your rankings, we’re here to make a definitive statement for you (with a caveat, of course…. Google reviews DO have an impact on your […]

3 Ways a Live Chat Service Provider Can Help Marketing Agencies Look Better

In marketing, satisfaction and trust is the name of the game. When your clients are happy, you’re able to keep the lights on, pay your employees, and grow your business. And your clients are happy when their customers are happy. Providing those customers with a good experience throughout their purchasing process gives them a reason […]