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Strategies for New Lawyers: Attracting Leads and Building Your Legal Practice

For lawyers new to the legal field, understanding how to acquire clients is essential for building a successful practice. While traditional methods like referrals remain crucial, leveraging online channels and maintaining a positive reputation are equally vital in today’s digital age. Here are a few actionable strategies that new lawyers can implement to attract leads […]

Create an Unbeatable Client Experience with an Omni-Channel Solution

It has always been true that providing an excellent client experience is one of the main keys to success in business. Brands develop great client experience through fostering positive interactions with both the people on their team and the products or services that they provide.

How to Build Your Law Firm to be Acquired

If you started your own law firm, it is highly unlikely that you began with the idea that you might one day aim to have it acquired. After all, law firms are owned more or less exclusively by lawyers, and people who want to acquire businesses don’t usually look into purchasing law firms.

Use a Video Call to Action to Get More Potential Clients

Anyone who is involved in marketing their services or products to website visitors will be familiar with the necessity for a call to action (CTA). Presenting your potential clients with content on your website, mailing lists, or social media channels is not just about giving away information. The primary purpose is to convert browsers or […]

5 Tips to Help Lawyers Improve Their LinkedIn Profile

With more than 740 million members worldwide and a reported income of $1.8 billion in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2017, LinkedIn is one of the world’s biggest and most influential networking platforms. LinkedIn can specifically be of great value to lawyers. Many find that they can forge relationships with colleagues and potential referral […]

COVID 19 and the Legal Industry

There is no question that COVID-19 has left lasting changes in our lives. There is evidence of this everywhere: in the way that we socialize, shop, and even do business. Most industries have virtually reinvented their way of doing business in order to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

Top Strategies For Building Effective Relationships With Your Legal Clients

As an attorney, you are committed to helping clients. But do they know that? Building effective client relationships is essential for having a successful, client-focused firm.

Are Elder Abuse Cases Increasing Due to the Coronavirus?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected approximately 4,500,000 people worldwide. Unfortunately, the virus has disproportionally affected older adults and elderly, mainly due to pre-existing age-related health conditions.