Monthly Archives: June 2021

Which Social Media Platforms Produce Clients for Law Firms

Social media has become a part of everyday life for countless people across the globe. Over the last fifteen years, social media has become a vital platform for business owners to market their businesses to customers, and this includes law firms. According to a 2017 survey from Attorney at Work, 70% of law firms are […]

Five Reasons Law Firms Need An Answering Service

Being available to potential new clients is key to growing your business, but it can be hard to help your existing clients, run a successful firm, keep new leads coming in and pay attention to prospects calling at the same time. 

How Using Internal Links Helps Your Law Firm Rank Better

Almost every business with an online presence does some form of search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO refers to a list of best practices that can help your business website rank higher in search engine results. Good SEO can help you bring in a steady stream of new clients and customers, while bad SEO can […]

How to Find a Google Ads Specialist for Law Firms

While having a well-crafted SEO strategy is important, Google Ads are a powerful and effective way to promote your law firm outside of organic search results, which can help you connect with a broader audience. In addition, Google Ads allow you to target specific audiences, so your message reaches the right clients.