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5 Proven Strategies To Improve Client Satisfaction At Your Law Firm

The power of a satisfied client is undeniable. Happy clients contribute to a lawyer’s reputation and can lead to repeat business and valuable referrals. While achieving favorable outcomes for clients is undoubtedly paramount, attorneys can adopt additional practices to ensure their clients’ satisfaction remains a top priority. Here are five proven strategies from our Client […]

Doubling Revenue: Unleashing the Power of Live Chat for Lawyers

In today’s competitive legal landscape, law firms constantly seek innovative ways to maximize their revenue and attract new clients. Live chat is a powerful tool that has proven to be highly effective in boosting client engagement and conversion rates. In this blog post, we will explore how lawyers can double their revenue by leveraging Client […]

Five Marketing Strategies For Mass Tort Law Firms

It is not uncommon for mass torts victims to not realize they are victims. Injury victims may not have seen a recall notice or identified warning signs. As a mass tort attorney, it is your duty to inform your audience if they may be a potential victim and educate them about their options. However, with […]

Five Reasons Law Firms Need An Answering Service

Being available to potential new clients is key to growing your business, but it can be hard to help your existing clients, run a successful firm, keep new leads coming in and pay attention to prospects calling at the same time. 

How Using Internal Links Helps Your Law Firm Rank Better

Almost every business with an online presence does some form of search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO refers to a list of best practices that can help your business website rank higher in search engine results. Good SEO can help you bring in a steady stream of new clients and customers, while bad SEO can […]

Online Reviews Require Work

While it’s important to take a multi-faceted approach with your marketing efforts, more and more businesses — including law firms — are relying on their online presence to bring in new clients. With their wide reach and comparatively low costs, online marketing campaigns offer many businesses new ways to grow their business.

Software Pricing Models: Monthly vs. Annual

Today, software is the reason most businesses are able to operate as smoothly and efficiently as they do. You need sophisticated programs to monitor your documents, finances, marketing, case files, and more. While buying many business software programs used to be a one-and-done purchase, these days, many businesses instead use annual or monthly subscription plans […]

Digital Transformation in the Legal Industry

When we look around us, it is easy to see the impact of modern technology. From transportation to our digital devices, technology has become part of our daily lives. No other place has this become more apparent than in the business environment, where there has been a rapid movement towards digital transformation.

How to Use Google Local Services Ads to Get Clients

Successful law firms use the best tools available to attract new clients — and optimizing their websites for online searches remains of the most important.

Respond to Reviews: It Will Help Your Law Firm

When it comes to your law firm’s reputation online, communication is essential. Past, present, and future clients use online reviews to understand your firm and other clients’ experiences. These reviews, and your responses to them, can determine whether a client selects you or whether they go with a competitor. Whether you’ve received positive or negative […]