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Online Reviews Require Work

While it’s important to take a multi-faceted approach with your marketing efforts, more and more businesses — including law firms — are relying on their online presence to bring in new clients. With their wide reach and comparatively low costs, online marketing campaigns offer many businesses new ways to grow their business.

Software Pricing Models: Monthly vs. Annual

Today, software is the reason most businesses are able to operate as smoothly and efficiently as they do. You need sophisticated programs to monitor your documents, finances, marketing, case files, and more. While buying many business software programs used to be a one-and-done purchase, these days, many businesses instead use annual or monthly subscription plans […]

Webinar Recording: How to Build an In-House Legal Marketing Team

In case you missed our live Webinar, watch as Eric Bersano, V.P. of Business Development at Market My Market, discusses the different approaches for in-house marketing and determining which option is right for you.

Why Do People Prefer Texting to Talking on the Phone?

As technology has changed the way we communicate, many people have come to view phone calls as intrusive and stressful. Emails are becoming similarly unpopular due to sheer user burnout that can make digging through the average inbox feel like a chore.

You Have 5 Minutes to Contact Leads

Have you ever stopped to think about how the response rate of your sales team could affect the health of your business? You probably know that maintaining a professional website and providing the best customer experience can help you convert more leads, but it may surprise you to learn that your firm’s speed (or lack […]

Webinar Recording: From Data to Retainers – How Advertising, Automation, and AI are Evolving the Legal Industry

In case you missed our live Webinar, watch as Jordan Bell, Legal Marketing Expert and Founder/CEO of Agency Bell, discusses how to understand and use marketing data to generate leads for your law firm.

5 Tips to Help Lawyers Improve Their LinkedIn Profile

With more than 740 million members worldwide and a reported income of $1.8 billion in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2017, LinkedIn is one of the world’s biggest and most influential networking platforms. LinkedIn can specifically be of great value to lawyers. Many find that they can forge relationships with colleagues and potential referral […]

Tips for Lawyers: Building Online Trust with Your Clients

One significant challenge facing lawyers in the digital age is how to build trust with clients when their first interactions with them are likely to be online. Online interactions are inherently less personal than in-person conversations or phone calls, and it can be difficult to forge a connection with a client when you haven’t spoken […]

Webinar Recording: Love it or Loathe it: Facebook Ads for Law Firms that ACTUALLY Work

In case you missed our live Webinar, watch as Nick Paul, Director of Digital Advertising at Nifty Marketing, discusses “Law Firm Facebook Ad Strategies That ACTUALLY Work,” including how to increase branded search volume and track it, drip campaigns and nurturing top of funnel leads, and more.

Top 3 Reasons Lawyers Should Start a Podcast

With more and more competition in the legal field, lawyers need to find new ways to reach potential clients. While there are many different tools available — a website, blogs, videos, social media, etc. — there’s one option that many attorneys have overlooked or been reluctant to embrace: Podcasts.